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A cute, adorable, loving, boopable, cuddly, snuggly, ok ima stop there before i carry the list longer, basically, a :iconvinylvortex: tagged me in a thing to answer questions.

So how does this game of tagging goes you may ask? Hold on let me do some copy pasting magic.

bo- You have to answer 10 questions TRUTHFULLY
Give 10 questions and tag 10 people
You can only retag me if you out of the 10 I chose
You only HAVE to do this one but I won't stop you if your tagged multiple times -op

Okay, so that is that, now onto the questions.

1) Don't you hate it when in movies good guys have dead on headshot aim against enemies. But the moment one character even remotely important to pushing plot forward comes along, they have the aim of a wet seal?

Me playing horror games

2) That was an incredibly long question, but I'm watching The Strain, this happens too much here, how would they fix this shit?

Aim better, i guess

3) I'm kind curious of how people view me with Rainy, it's all been positive thankfully, even with some amazing art being made.

All the art is adorbs, just like you

I'm going to bed after this and it's about 2 metres from my PC, think I can make the jump?

I'll carry you

 I'm on a roller chair so that might not be a good idea.

Be better if you get on me instead *ahem*

I've played about 40 hours worth of Gmod in the past week, how addicted am I?

This is perfectly normal

I should probably reinstall my antivirus shouldn't I?

Yes. I don't want your computer to explode

No matter your answer to above, I'll do it later.

Right after you cuddle me? fiinnneeee

9) Any suggestions on good places to live in the states?

Is it breaking rules that i want to ask this question instead of answering it?

Since most people I know would make a Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton joke to the question above, answer again.


Well, that's all of those question from sexy horse, i mean, yea that.

Now i'm gonna give my questions.

1. Do you want a potato?
2. Have my babies?
3. How does one edit a really good video?
4. What is that in your hand?
5. How was your day?
6. My head is smoking by thinking of questions, so uuuuhhh, cuddle me?
7. I'm hungry, i wonder what you will make.
8. Do you think my cute, adorable, snuggle puff vinyl is cute?
9. i cute?
10) If i we're to poof into your house right now, what will you do?

Ok, now to tag some cute horses.

:iconvinylvortex: I think you know it was coming, loooveee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

:icontoothpastethy: you're now gonna get tortured more than ever

welp, i have no other people, i'm friendless.

i guess i go eat my food and do my work.


RainyVisualz's Profile Picture
Raenon Rollock
Trinidad and Tobago
I am a guy who makes cool images once and a while :3


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Thank you ever so much for the watch, deary~
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Thank you very much! :)
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Thank you for the Watch!
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